About Us

We are Air Alert, a one on one solution to your air treatment needs

  • We are Air Alert One and we intent to make life a little bit cooler through our products and services.

    We don’t just sell you our appliances and products, we assist you through the all process from when you order to how you use and maintain it. We offer a one on one solution to your heating, cooling, air treatment and refrigeration needs. We are here to help and assist you in making the best choice possible to meet your need at the lowest cost possible. We provide the products and the assistance necessary in setting up and running efficiently your appliances. Shop with no worries and do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance related to your products and/or other services.

  • We are most importantly servicing our appliances

    We have the technical knowledge on all the products that we sell. In addition to selling at the best possible price, we service and can assist you in repair if need be. If you are in our geographical area, we will come to you if need be to assist in setting up your product and provide the best possible recommendations in keeping it running efficiently. Give us a call if we do not service your zip code yet, our trained technicien will be glad in providing you with the knowledge necessary in having your product not just running but efficiently